Korean businessman and collector Ci Kim opened the flagship Arario Gallery in 1989 in Cheonan, South Korea, where he also opened several other businesses. His goal was to educate the Korean public about its rapidly developing contemporary art scene by hosting major exhibitions of British Contemporary (yBa) artists, Sigmar Polke, Jorg Immendorff and artists from Leipzig while also bringing challenging Korean and other Asian artists to the attention of the international art world. Over the course of expanding Arario Gallery to branches in Beijing and Seoul—and now New York City—the gallery’s mission has evolved into stimulating an international dialogue of cutting-edge contemporary art between the East and West. Central to this goal is the role Arario Gallery plays in introducing art museums and institutions in Asia to the burgeoning communities of emerging artists in Korea, China, and wider Asia. Arario Gallery’s long-term objective is to bring exhibitions of great artistic relevance to Asia, the United States, and the global artistic community.
The Arario Gallery News Blog is managed by the New York branch, but includes information about all of our locations. This blog launched on November 21, 2008.

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