URBAN GARDENING with Tattfoo & Friends

Posted in Arario New York by arariogallery on July 27, 2010

Tattfoo Tan with guests:

Derek Denckla, curator and activist
Andrew Casner, an urban farmer and artist
Daniel Bowman Simon, advocate
Aki Baker, designer and activist

Who knew Urban Gardening was so prevalent in New York City? Actually, the city doesn’t even know how prevalent it is. Through these curators, activists, artists, and advocates, a desire to share knowledge and awareness was necessary for a Thursday evening at Arario Gallery.

Examples of what these artists/urban garden activists are up to?

  • FARM CITY: “Farm City is a curatorial project launched by Derek Denckla as a means to explore new visions for urban agriculture.”
  • Garden Studio: An artist’s work with gardening
  • White House Kitchen Garden: Guests discussed hopes of bringing something similar to NYC and rejoiced in Michelle Obama’s efforts.
  • PEOPLE’S GARDEN NYC: Asking Mayor Bloomberg to plant a garden in front of City Hall: “This garden will represent the vision of a more sustainable, livable City for all New Yorkers, and will contribute to achieving the intents of PLANYC by 2030.”
  • Aki Baker: & Artist/Activist engaged in the active discussion of urban gardening, farming, and the improvement of society.

This was a dynamic discussion for all urban gardening enthusiasts. The audience was incredibly focused and attentive, while asking questions about current projects and signing petitions for a city garden. As Tattfoo has stated, this roundtable discussion was a perfect opportunity for enthusiasts, advocates, and artists alike to network, meet other people who care about the same issues, and exchange thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Tattfoo will continue to spread the message and ideas with his friends, especially next month with “Derek Denckla’s Farm City (A celebration of Urban Agriculture) this September 12 and […] Aki Baker at Greene Hill School” in 2011. I think all artists and participants who were present would agree with Tattfoo, Thursday night was a “night of articulate discussion” on Urban Gardening.

Check out the vid here: and an article written by Leslie Koch.


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