Osang Gwon at NY Photo Festival and Doosan Gallery

Posted in Arario Gallery, Osang Gwon by arariogallery on May 13, 2010

If you’re in New York for the next couple weeks there are two places you can see the photographic sculptures of artist Osang Gwon. NY Photo Festival celebrates the extensive photographic community prevalent in New York with curated pavilions highlighting a vast array of image makers. One pavilion includes Smack Mellon, which presents a show titled Use Me, Abuse Me, curated by Erik Kessels. Four sculptures by Osang Gwon nests alongside artists such as Lucas Blalock, Paul Kooiker and Ruth van Beek. The exhibition reveals how photographers use and manipulate the medium; collecting, copying, pasting, and abusing its original source. The festival runs through Sunday.

Doosan Gallery is proud to present a residency and exhibition of works by the artist, showing through June 5, 2010. The show features four sculptures that is an extension to his series Deodorant Type, many of which were shown at Arario New York. Deodorant Type was developed when Gwon discovered a failed advertisement for a deodorant product launched in Asia, as many Asians do not have perspiration problems, although deodorant is widely used in Western culture. For him, a deodorant product is aimed to cover a scent and to change it into a different odor. He once said, “It implies not showing the exact thing, but transforming it.” Observing the process of Deodorant Type is re-acknowledging the way we see things in life every day. Gwon takes multiple shots of a person or an object from every angle, practically tearing the subject apart in each picture under a microscope; he then recreates the subject in a three-dimensional sculpture. What one actually perceives might only capture a single aspect or a certain moment of the subject. In this sense, each photograph represents a single perception of the subject by taking different angles of the person or object; then, Gwon gathers these photographs into shapes for viewers to interpret, as if reifying the subject back to life as a slightly aloof entit

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