Yue Minjun at Arario New York

Posted in Arario New York, Yue Minjun by arariogallery on November 4, 2009


Arario Gallery New York is proud to present an exhibition of works by renowned artist Yue Minjun.

The exhibition will be on view from October 29 through January 16, 2010. A reception will be held at the gallery on October 29 from 6-8 pm.

The exhibition of a new set of 28 original prints will be shown for the first time.

These prints beautifully illustrate the iconic laughing face and figure of the artist as seen manifested in various states of solitary play and fantastical camaraderie. Yue Minjun’s joyful, smiling figures offer an ironic commentary on the concept of personal freedom and happiness in modern Chinese society. The set of prints will be accompanied by the sculptures as well as paintings.

Yue Minjun (born 1962 in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province) is one of China’s leading contemporary artists working today, and one of the key figures in the Cynical Realism movement, which emerged in response to the Tiananmen Square incident of June 1989. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and his oil paintings have set records at auction.

Yue Minjun studied oil painting at Hebei Normal University, graduating in 1985. Yue was part of the artistic community at Yuan Ming Yuan-northwest of Beijing where radical ideas for the future of China and its art were exchanged. A government-enacted crackdown, known as the 1996 “Yuanmingyuan Incident,” dissolved the community, which, ironically, led the artists to develop a greater individuality in artistic thought and style. Coinciding with these developments was a gradual, but massive expansion in economic growth and the availability of western media and products. Yue Minjun’s works draw from this unique Chinese experience, at a time when socialist and capitalist ideologies intermingle and collide with notions of individual rights and free expression.

His first U.S. retrospective was presented at the Queens Museum of Art in New York in 2007.

Yue Minjun lives and works in Beijing.

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