Arario New York in the Daily News (well, kind of)

Posted in Arario New York, Hyung Koo Kang by arariogallery on June 16, 2009
Our landlord standing in our Hyung Koo Kang exhibition. Courtesy of Rosier/News.

Trevor Stahelski (our landlord) standing in the Hyung Koo Kang exhibition. Courtesy of Rosier/News.

An excerpt from the Daily News real estate article:

After a year of getting beaten and bruised by tumbling prices and lowballoffers, New York City real estate agents are struggling to come up with novel marketing ideas to draw serious buyers. Time after time I walk into fantastic buildings and watch as sales teams use marketing programs that could be applied to any number of similarly priced properties in very different locations…

Cardinal Investments hired Kevin Richards’ Dune Road Group on an art gallery property on W. 25th, where the developers are trying a rent-to-own approach. Having drawn 19 tenants in four months, Cardinal will implement the concept at its residential properties at 127 Madison Ave., 290 Mulberry St. and 17 Orchard St.

“There was this rush to be fresh with every new marketing campaign, and we just didn’t want to play that game anymore,” says Cardinal principal Trevor Stahelski. “We sat around for hours brainstorming and finally said, ‘Let’s just tell the truthand be clever.’ We want to work with buyers to help us and them get through this crisis, and that’s what the message said.”

Read more here.

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