Artists in Exile: Sridhar & Androas

Posted in Arario New York by arariogallery on January 23, 2009
Sonali Sridhar & Mouna Andraos, Sketch for "Address," 2007-2009.

Sonali Sridhar & Mouna Andraos, Sketch for "Address," 2007-2009.

Sonali Sridhar and Mouna Andraos will show their most recent (and perhaps final) version of “Address” in Artists in Exile. First produced in 2007 with the help of Eyebeam, the handmade necklace includes a GPS tracking device.  The wearer is prompted to enter a place they consider to be their anchor—birthplace, current home, or perhaps the place they long to be. Thereafter, the charm will display the distance between that place and the present location.

The duo recently created a new piece of jewelry titled “Minutes” that, unfortunately, will not be included in the exhibition. A talisman to be worn around the neck, the piece acts as “a disproportionally small memorial for the people who have died through the numerous Arab-Israeli wars that have plagued the Middle-East since 1948.” The charm consists of two displays that sit back to back, each displaying a set of numbers that correspond to the death toll of the respective group.

According to the artists, both piece were born from their desire to “start a dialogue on displacement and travel,” addressing “larger (and timely) global issues of displacement, disconnect and loss of community.”

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