Wang Guangyi in London

Posted in Arario Elsewhere, Wang Guangyi by arariogallery on November 25, 2008
Artist Wang Guangyi and Louise Blouin.

Wang Guangyi and Louise Blouin.

New works by Wang Guangyi are on view at The Louise Blouin Institute in London through March 17, 2009. The Aario artist’s first major solo exhibition in the U.K., Wang Guangyi: Cold War Aesthetics spans two floors of the Institute, and includes both sculpture and painting.

From the Institute’s website:

This ambitious show by one of China’s most celebrated living artists, is both a reflection on the imagery of Cold War era China, and a warning to contemporary audiences about the horrors of war. The exhibition, referencing illustrated manuals created by the Chinese government depicting how to react to a nuclear or biological attack, represents the potential catastrophic past of the Cold War that has been avoided while simultaneously pointing to future threats lurking on the horizon. For Wang and for the viewer, the metaphor is clear; avoid a return to a Cold War mentality at all costs.

The exhibition will include an installation of some fifty life-size sculptures that depict Cold War preparedness, a large-scale twelve-panel mural and a series of watercolours that serve as the sketches for the sculptural works on display.

The show is accompanied by an extensive education program of public lectures, panel discussions, educational workshops and music recitals aimed at exploring and investigating contemporary Chinese art, culture and society. A full-colour catalog with essays by renowned Chinese art critic and essayist Huang Zhuan is available at the Institute.

See more photos from the private preview opening at

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